*In less than 12 weeks working with Zen Dude Fitness Cam was able to transform both his body and mind. Through implementing intermittent fasting he is now the leanest he’s ever been and has a thriving start up. One of the biggest advantages Cam found through working with us was the simplicity and ease involved in the process of getting lean and living a life optimized for both productivity and happiness.



*Zen Dude Coaching rocked! Not only did Dan and Brandon help me lose 30 lbs. of body fat in a short 3 months, they helped make staying lean mindless. I travel for work frequently so I needed a program that allowed me to get fit anywhere without interfering with my lifestyle. Dan and Brandon’s passion and enthusiasm were the difference makers. If you want to transform and level up your health, Zen Dude coaching all the way!



*Harrison is a long time Zen Dude Fitness follower who applied the core philosophies we teach around nutrition and exercise and was able to completely transform his body. Beyond his physical transformation his happiness has significantly increased by applying the mindset strategies he learned through his Zen Dude Coaching experience with us.



*Joli is the perfect example of a highly intelligent person who had fallen into the pitfalls of overtraining and confusion when it came to what and how much to eat. After just 11 short weeks of working with us she was able to take back control of her body and life by plugging into a sustainable and enjoyable nutrition and exercise regimen we provided for her.



*I’ve worked out for years, but never looked the way I wanted due to a poor diet. By honing in on my nutrition with The Zen Dudes I was able to get shredded. Lesson learned is that you cannot out train a shitty diet.



*Zen Dude Fitness has helped me get closer to my body fat % objective while training for an Ironman Triathlon. It’s usually very difficult to combine fat loss objectives with high performance in sports. Often, they require different nutrition regimens. Dan and Brandon have helped me drop from 19% to 10% body fat. I am lucky to call Dan Witmer and Brandon Epstein my friends as well as remarkable coaches.”



*This 4 week challenge has been more than a challenge to me. It has been an eye and mind opener of how to workout and eat efficiently. For many years I tried many different strict diet routines and endless workout sessions in order to achieve a lean physique. None of them had the result I was looking and neither were sustainable. ZDF teach me how to do it, get the results I have been working on for so long.



*I first started working with Zen Dude Fitness, because I wanted to look and feel amazing. I never could get over the hump by myself mostly because I thought the process was too hard and the thought of change scared me. ZDF provided the simple structure I needed to make the change I wanted in my life. I got off the elliptical – started jumping rope and I haven’t looked back since.



*Being an account executive for one of the top sports agencies in the US means lots of hours in and out of the office. Nick needed an effective but efficient system for losing body fat while building muscle and still enjoying dinner and drinks out with clients. In a short 2 months, Nick was able to not only lose weight, but change his body composition back to his ripped hulk-like college days ?



*I bought a weighted rope and compiled a playlist. Then followed the Zen Dude Fitness exercise and nutrition routine. By the time I could double under for 30 seconds I was getting leaner and gaining more core strength than I ever had before and in a third of the time i’d spend in a gym. Would def recommend Zen Dude Fitness for anyone looking to make the process of getting fit more enjoyable.



*The simplicity of jumping rope and doing bodyweight exercises for just 30 minutes a day gave me focus and made it easy for me to follow through with my workout regimen. Through learning about what it means to eat healthy I was able to transform the way I eat as well, so the focus that I put towards my nutrition gets me results. This program has become a daily part of my life, because it’s easy, fun and gives you the information you need to make a sustainable transformation.



*I joined the Zen Dude Fitness program in all honesty because I wanted to lean up for the summer. The biggest thing I needed to make my transformation was a mindset shift and accountability, which is exactly what I got from the Zen Dudes. Once I made the shift I was able to take action with their guidance on knowing how much to eat and how to train specifically for fat loss. For anyone thinking about joining their program I would simply say “Get your ass in the community.” Not just to get in shape, but to learn the habits and mindset to transform your entire life.



*I first started working with Zen Dude Fitness, because I wanted to be the best version of myself possible (this of course included being in great shape and looking awesome.) In the past I was held back by finding the motivation to commit to my fitness as well as a fear of what would happen if I tried and then failed. ZDF provided me the mental game and actionable steps I needed to sustain my new habits and create a healthier lifestyle. I would tell anyone who wants to do the same to get comfortable being uncomfortable. Step out of your comfort zone, make this a part of your normal lifestyle and it will stick!



*After just 18 months Julian was able to drop 181 pounds of body fat working with Zen Dude Fitness. The consistent habits he learned has allowed him to not only maintain his results, but now thrive in his health/fitness.



*Fitness has always been a big part of my life up until the past 10 years where I put on an extra 35-40 pounds of body fat. For far too long I had the mindset regarding my fitness of “I’ll do it one day.” Since joining Zen Dude Fitness I have been able to transform my mindset around fitness and that has allowed me to stop procrastinating and finally do the thing. The daily tracking of the nutrition and workouts has allows me to sustain these habits and always find time to do the things that make me feel and perform my best. To anyone who wants to make a transformation all you need to understand is that fitness is key to success in life, so it’s worth it! Buy into the Zen Dude philosophy and you’ll see possible making this transformation is for yourself.

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