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Nope. We’re changing it up. Everyone in this community is special to us so we’re going to start addressing you appropriately.

Zen Dude Family!

Today, we’re changing gears just a little and we’re going to talk about meditation.

Meditation is a pretty cool thing because, like exercise and jump rope, it takes many different forms and there is no real “wrong way” to do it.

How to Meditate (Dan)The zen dudes meditate to stay focused

Focus on traditional meditation

-While sitting down, close your eyes
-Count your breaths 1-5
-Watch your thoughts for 5-10 minutes.

Alternate Approach to Mediation

-Walk alone with nowhere to go
-No distractions (like you phone or ear buds)
-Get Intensely Present
-Count Breathes (optional)
-Let your thoughts happen without judgment

How to Meditate  (Brandon)

This approach is utilized a few times a day for very short periods of time

Sending Intention

After waking, but before getting out of bed send intention.
Focus on what you want to accomplish or how you want to be today.

Lay in bed and focus. Repeat to yourself (out loud or in my mind), “I will be high energy today and I want to execute with intention.” Think about what the looks like.

This may only last a minute or so, but you are intentionally setting the mindset for how you want to act and feel all day long. You are being proactive rather grabbing your phone and reacting to whatever the first blurb of news you see on social media.

The key here, like Dan’s approach, is to be fully present. Stay focused and allow that thought energy to drive your day.

Another Meditation Approach

-Take 5-10 minutes wherever you are
-Close your eyes
-Breath through your nose and out through your mouth
-Ask yourself the question “What is it like to be me right now?”
-While staying present, evaluate your own response. Think about what type of actions that provoke and how you will deal with the situation(s) you’ve identified.

Take this exercise seriously. Don’t enter this space with thinking about subjects you want to address. If you are open and thoughts, ideas and questions will appear in your consciousness. You may be surprised — like someone in the room actually asked you a question.

On the other hand, you may come face to face with an issue that you’ve been consciously pushing away.

Give yourself the time to “not think” and it’s likely that some mental inventory in need of processing will surface. Allow it happen.

The Importance of Meditation

Remember when you had time? Remember? There was no phone in your hand, you weren’t posting a status update while you sat to eat a meal surrounded by friends and family?

Maybe you still have that time? Do you?

If you don’t, we feel it’s pretty important to have some space and time (even if it’s only a few minutes a day) to disconnect from everything and take a look at yourself. Think about things:

What do you want?
How do you feel?
How do you want to feel?
Why aren’t you feeling the way you want to feel?
What do you need?
What is bothering you?
How can you fix it?


Some great moments in our lives come from clarity. You know, when you are able to detach yourself from all the fog and have that “Ah ha!” moment. It could be regarding your health and fitness. Maybe you’ve been struggling with a relationship. Maybe you are trying to solve a complex problem at work.

Mediation can provide you with a great space to experience moments of clarity in order to push your life forward and allow yourself to take action.

Self Awareness

Often we have something going on inside of us… It’s great to meditate and confront it.

If it’s a happy notion, you want to embrace and project it on your outside. Be a grateful and happy person. Use that energy to influence and help people around you!

If you have some negative energy caused by uncertain thoughts, anxiety or troubles, you need to be aware of them. You need to be aware of how it’s affecting your life and the lives of people around you.

Once you can acknowledge these thoughts you can figure out how to use them or overcome them in a fashion that is going to help you.

Slow Down

It will be different for everyone, but meditation can be very calming. No matter what method you use to take your mental inventory, learn to use what you discover about yourself.

Often when you step back you’ll realize that you’re going very fast in an attempt to balance, life, work, fun, fitness, family and everything else you want to do on a regular basis. If you learn to meditate and observe these actions, rather than be a victim of them, you’ll have the power to slow down.

Maybe this means you’ll focus on your top priorities? Maybe you’ll prioritize. We don’t know what will happen but we think it’s important to recognize your pace and have the ability to change it if you like.

Being Reactionary

We feel that many people are wound so tight that many responses come from reactionary places of anger and frustration. It takes a lot of pent up energy to be violent and act cruelly toward one and other.

Through meditation, you can find other avenues to deal with frustration and aggression. You can learn to alleviate negative energy in a healthy, proactive fashion rather than lashing out at another individual in a negative way.

Meditate Every Day

Nope. You don’t have to. We think you should meditate as needed when you feel necessary. Maybe that is every day for you. It’s like exercise and it will vary for each individual. If you are going through something tough like a break-up or you keep failing to meet a goal you are trying to reach, maybe it would be useful to spend more time looking inward; listening to your thoughts, acknowledging them and using them to help you move forward.

If you are going through something tough like a break-up or you keep failing to meet a goal, maybe it would be useful to spend more time looking inward; listening to your thoughts, acknowledging them and using them to help you move forward.

Some instances may require longer sessions more frequently. We’ve had times like that but now, we’re living relatively stress-free lives so meditation is different – We use relatively quick sessions when we feel necessary just to gain focus and get present.

Meditate For Success

Don’t use meditation as a dirty word; you can use meditation to become Superman!

You don’t need to be some “yoga-doing hippy” to get benefits from meditation. Athletes use meditation to visualize themselves winning. Fighters like Mike Tyson and Connor Mcgregor step into the ring and have already won the fight in their mind; meditation is a very powerful tool.

By they way… We have NO PROBLEMS with a hippy doing yoga.

Who Should Meditate

We think that everyone can benefit from meditation but, don’t make it more complicated than it needs to be. For us, meditation is just a way to bring awareness to our own thoughts.

If you are a person struggling and unhappy at a 9-5, take a minute without distraction and think about it. Identify the specific feelings you are having. Ask why? What can you do about? Look for reasons behind the way you are feeling.

If you are fearful of something new or taking some risk… Again, sit and explore your thoughts. Identify what you are afraid of and why? Can you champion this thought? Are you still afraid? What can you do once you identify the issue?

If you are student in college and you’re stressed from exams… Look inward! Explore that negative energy so you can handle it better.

Ultimately, we believe that through meditation you can face your problems head-on, solve or minimize them and carry on with your productive life.

How to Start

What do you think about the examples above? Give one a shot.

One of the biggest things we suggest is counting your breaths. Whether you are sitting or walking, we feel it’s important to count your breath because it eliminates your mind’s tendency to run wild. When that starts it will be challenging to separate yourself from your thoughts.

Get that 1-5 down. Count those breaths. Nice and relaxed.

Try out an App.

We’ve heard that some people really get going with guided meditation apps for their phones. The ones we like most are Headspace and the Wim Hof Method.

What We’re all About

We’re Zen Dude Fitness. We’re all about getting present and living in the now. Spending time in the now is important to us… Maybe the past you feel anxiety or regret. When you take a look at the future there might be some fear.

Right now – this moment – we’re empowered and in control. We can make choices and move forward.


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